An open letter to InfoSec beginners

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Hacking is one of the most creative and mentally intensive tasks and some people (including me) even call it an art. But as it turns out, money ruined this art. When hacking didn't have so many oppurtunities, only the people who truly loved computers used to do it. But everyone needs money right? There's nothing wrong in that but now infosec is attracting trash. A guy in my facebook friends list is a core member of ***** OWASP chapter but he can't install a fucking python library. He doesn't know what a same origin policy is but he is teaching people how to hack. C R I N G E How did he got there? He has a certification, CEH. Yes, that's all you need to be hacker in India. I have a lot of bug hunters on my LinkedIn and a good percent of them keep thanking "****** ******" when they find a bug. It was cool and all until a good friend of mine told me about this whole scandal. He basically sells already reported bugs to people so they can get HOF/swag as a consolation for the duplicate. I have screenshots but I am not posting them here because I am trying to convey something more important. If you are just a beginner in InfoSec, make a choice. Are you doing it for money and fame? If yes, it's okay. I won't tell you to choose a career that you will love because that won't work. You are going to spend rest of your life spending doing scans with automated tools and making ₹40,000 for a pentest. Sounds good right? Thanks, article ends for you here. If you really love this shit or just trying it out to see if you do, make sure you choose the right path. The right path???? Those hacking courses are shit man. You don't really need that certification unless you need to surpass people with same skills as you in interviews. No, that one book will not teach you how to break into things like a ninja.

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